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HI Pets Affordable Vet Clinic Oahu Ohana


Controlling and preventing disease often requires more in-depth analysis. HI Pets is equipped to handle a full range of diagnostics, from testing for liver or kidney disease, a blockage in the intestinal tract, bladder stones, or even a tumor (benign or cancerous). HI Pets has the tools to effectively diagnose and treat your pet by providing onsite blood and urine sampling, x-ray, and ultrasound, and other services to provide you with the best options for treatment.

HI Pets Affordable Vet Clinic Oahu Ohana

Wellness & Prevention

Just like their human companions, wellness and prevention and annual exams are important to ensuring your pet is maintaining optimum health and behaving normally. Its also an opportunity to identify and prevent potential health issues that could be risky and costly. Come in to HI Pets for annual vaccinations and boosters, flea and tick treatment, health screenings, skin care, a look at the eyes and ears, a quick temperature check and even a nail cutting. A healthy pet is a happy pet.

HI Pets Affordable Vet Clinic Oahu Ohana

Surgical & Dental Health

After years of working as a surgeon in a large-scale emergency hospital, Dr. Jang has fine-tuned her surgical skills to minimize trauma and maximize health outcomes. Whether it's spay and neuter, enucleation of the eye, tooth extraction, tumor removal, or even amputation, the staff at HI Pets will care for your pet as if it were their own. Enjoy quality care at an affordable price to ensure a long healthy life for your best friend.

HI Pets Affordable Vet Clinic Oahu Ohana

Microchip Identification

Lost pets are usually found within one-mile of their home. Returning a pet directly to the owner and avoiding surrender to animal control avoids undue stress on the pet, eliminates the long drive into town to animal control, and more importantly - saves a life! Microchip Identification is not only the law, but it’s the most effective way to return lost pets to their owners. HI Pets is proud to offer clients the Found Animals microchip - a national online microchip data registry that is free for the life of the pet! Many microchip manufacturers charge pet owners either an annual fee or a fee every time you update your contact information. With Found Animals, pet owners receive a voicemail, text and email within minutes of being found. Keep your pets safe with a microchip ID. It’s the law.

Saying Aloha ‘Oe

As animal lovers, we share in the heartache and pain of losing a member of our ohana. Saying aloha is never easy and the decision of when to say goodbye is even harder. HI Pets provides guidance to pet owners so that they can make the best decision at the right time for the comfortable passing of their best friend. HI Pets will help pet owners decide on the final resting place for their pet.

HI Pets Affordable Vet Clinic Oahu Ohana

Prescription Medicine

Sometimes medication is necessary to help treat your pet. Many medications are used to treat specific health problems, so it’s important for HI Pets to examine, diagnose, and prescribe the medication for your pet. HI Pets carries a broad range of prescription medicine to provide the best care for your pet, but for seldom-used drugs, we may script your order to a local pharmacy for convenient access.